All because two people fell in love

To begin this blog, a bit of background information is in order. Frank Meredith and Betsy Hurd met in a Concert Band rehearsal at Ithaca College in September of 1977. The music school was buzzing about the new euphonium player of amazing talent and skill, but no one had told me how handsome he was! He noticed that I was staring at him, our eyes met, and the rest, as they say, is history. We were married on June 30, 1979, and Christopher was born in December of 1981. I longed for a house, so we did some shopping and one fit our budget: 124 Grand Street in Schoharie. (The number is now 146 but it’s the same house.) It was very close to Schoharie Central School, where Frank was a music teacher at the time. It needed lots of updating, but the plan was to do that room by room in the upstairs. In August of 1983, Jonathan was born, and in 1987, Nathan made our family complete. The house was not fancy, and I am not the best of housekeepers, but over the years, we have eaten dinners together, hosted gatherings of friends, played piano and various band instruments, sang, celebrated birthdays, loved our dog Honey and cat Hot Dog, did our homework, prayed, played whiffle ball in yard, and in general, raised our family in that house.
Sending each of them off to college was wrenching, and adjusting to the empty nest was tough, but Frank and I had settled into a pleasant routine. In October of 2008, we became grandparents, and a brand new chapter of our lives began. I once again longed for a house. This time, it was MY house, but neater, less cluttered, and better suited for grandkids and their parents to stay and play.
So, be careful what you wish for. On August 28, Hurricane Irene caused the flood waters to rise so high that the Schoharie Creek sent rushing muddy water through the basement, garage, and first floor of our home. In the days that followed, I experienced heartache, but also real joy and thankfulness to God for preparing me for this event, and providing for us in the aftermath.
Needless to say, we now have a major remodeling project on our hands. This blog will be good therapy for me, a way to tell others about His goodness to us, and a format for others to share in the rebuilding process with us.

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  1. Rashell

     /  September 13, 2011

    So glad you decided to do this. I look forward to reading.

  2. Hey Sis! I can’t wait to read your blog! God Bless you and the entire Schoharie Valley!


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