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Today is Veteran’s Day, so there was no school. A crew of ten from North Carolina has been in the area all week, and some of the members worked at our house Wednesday and today. You can see photos of them and the beautiful walls they have built. It is very exciting to not only have walls, but to see how the new floor plan is looking. There is an opening in the dining room and the kitchen that were not there before, and the doorway opening between the kitchen and the dining room is much bigger.  We are hoping the openness will seem more welcoming.

I had the opportunity to see what happens at my house most days when I am at school. Duane comes to the house every day and works all morning. Usually Brad is there as well. Some days Marilyn and Bill are there, too, or sometimes Bill comes while Marilyn is substitute teaching. Duane is a “retired” contractor, but he is at our house every day as though it is his job. We did not know him at all until a few days after the flood. He heard about us from friends at church, and offered to help us rebuild. He is literally a god-send. The others I mentioned, as well as Alice who has come to help many times, are all Christians who want to be used by the Lord in our time of need.

Another God-send is Joshua. He has a real heart for the poor, and left a very prestigious job and hefty salary to work with various groups who were administering micro-loans in desperately poor parts of the world. He grew up in Middleburgh, and was one of those kids who was good at everything, graduating first in his class, and giving one of the most memorable commencement speeches ever. In college, he went on trips with other students to New Orleans to help clean up after Hurricane Katrina. His brother got married on August 27th, so Josh was in town for the wedding. The next day, Irene hit. Josh has not left yet. Every day since the flood, Josh has been working to help gut houses that can be saved, and tearing down houses where needed. He coordinated and guided the teams of volunteers that came to help in the days after the flood. He has recruited people to help, and now is the go-to guy for those who need help, and those who want to help. He was one of the first to show up at our house after the flood, and we knew he had the expertise we desperately needed. He has checked in with us often, bringing information, application forms, coupons for food, and helpers. He even had a crew here last weekend to rake our leaves and plant grass seed. He has made it his business to find the people who had no family or resources and desperately needed help. He has brought help and hope to all of us who were devastated.

Every day there is a hot lunch for all volunteers and home owners in Schoharie served at the Reformed Church. This started as an outdoor operation in the days following the flood, and the meals continue each day indoors. I was moved to tears when I realized that the church building and parish house next door were flooded and are in need of repair. The husband and wife team who pastor the church live in the village, and their home was flooded. And yet, they are serving others every day. The same can be said of the Presbyterian Church in town. That congregation is housing an emergency food pantry in their gutted sanctuary.

The beauty of  this love being shown is so overwhelming. I cry frequently in these weeks after the flood, but more often than not, it is when I realize that God has moved so many people to help us in so many ways. It might seem odd for someone whose home and neighborhood has been flooded to say this, but I am so blessed.

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  1. Karen DeBartolo

     /  November 12, 2011

    So overjoyed at the progress in your home! You deserve it! Can’t wait for the next pics! Love you guys! k.


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