My plan or Thy plan?

We had a plan. It sounded really great to us. This past spring, my prayers sounded something like this:
Dear God,
Please give Christopher a great job offer in June or July. He now has a job, but it is only for a year, and he started last September. So, if he gets a new job lined up, then he can give notice at his present job, and he, his wonderful wife Rashell, and their two little boys Robert and Alex can all come up to the Northeast and visit family at the end of August. Thanks and Amen.
Well, God did not make it happen. All summer, Christopher was job-hunting. Several companies were interested in him, but no offers were forthcoming. He even got to the point where he began making plans to start his own business. I worried about his finances, and his emotions, and whether we were going to have the family together this summer. I kept asking God to make this plan happen. Why wouldn’t He want our family to be together?! Why wouldn’t He want Christopher to get a job?! And yet, every time I asked God these things, I knew He was saying, “Betsy, I can see what’s ahead and you can’t. You will see why I am saying ‘no’.”
Finally, around the middle of August, Frank and I made plans to fly to see the Mississippi branch of the Meredith family. JJ and his wife Kate decided not fly as she was in her third trimester of pregnancy; Nathan could not take time away from work at their busiest time of year. But at least we would get to see our grandsons and their parents.
We traveled on Wednesday, August 24th. Christopher picked us up at the airport and told us that he had a job interview for the next day. During the next few days, it became apparent that Irene was going to cause quite a bit of trouble in the Northeast. My parents have a house at the Jersey shore, as well as one closer to Philadelphia. My brother and his family live on the other side of Philadelphia; my sister’s family lives in Maryland. All seemed to be in jeopardy based on the meteorologists’ predictions. Ironically, Frank and I were safe in Mississippi from the threat of hurricane.
We anxiously watched weather reports, consulted the internet, and touched base with loved ones. Sunday morning, as church service was ending, I began receiving text messages that flood warnings were being issued in the Schoharie Valley. As JJ and Kate were heading to higher ground, a friend texted me suggesting that JJ go to my house to put valuables upstairs. I told her that their safety was more important. Of course, she agreed. Kate asked me to have the people at church pray, and I asked several to do just that.
All afternoon, we used smart phones and computers to keep in touch with those in the Schoharie Valley. It was sounding very serious, like the historic flood of 1996. In that flood, we were evacuated, but our home was not damaged.
Sometime during that afternoon, I realized why God had not agreed to our plan. I know He was keeping Christopher’s family safe, as well as Frank and me. He was sheltering us from fear and danger.
In the days following the flood, when someone expresses surprise that we are not depressed, we can tell them that it was only things that we lost. We are so grateful that our kids and grandkids were unharmed, and we know that this flood did not take God by surprise. He is still on His throne, and He is also the Shepherd that will lead us through this time of loss and confusion.
Oh, and by the way, Christopher got TWO job offers in the two days following Irene, and has happily begun his new job.
Yes, He is still on the throne, and I hope I have learned to stop trying to push Him off of it to make room for me.